Volodymyr Zhukovskyy files for bail as New Hampshire motorcycle crash case drags on


As Volodymyr Zhukovsky bids his day in court, his lawyers argue that he should at least be offered a bail hearing.

In what looks like a snapshot of the case in question, the truck driver’s legal team argues that some of the early claims regarding the horrific New Hampshire motorcycle crash that killed seven people are false.

“The court erred in rejecting Zhukovskyy’s requests for an evidence hearing on the bail issue. Since there are disputed factual issues which relate to the question of dangerousness, this tribunal must remand for an evidentiary hearing, ”wrote Christopher Johnson.

Zhukovsky is accused of killing seven motorcyclists in 2019 crash in Randolph, NH

He pleaded not guilty to reckless driving charges and seven counts of manslaughter. He was also charged with 14 counts of negligent homicide – seven accusing him of causing the collision which resulted in the death of each victim, and seven alleging he was under the influence of a drugs during the accident which led to their death.

His attorney said in a new filing Monday that New Hampshire “has secured new manslaughter and negligent homicide charges by omitting the allegation that Zhukovsky entered the oncoming lane of traffic.”

That, the lawyer says, is reason enough to allow Springfield, 25, to have a chance to post bail.

“If released, Zhukovsky could be monitored … and subjected to conditions such that he would not drive, consume drugs or alcohol,” adds his lawyer. A test in November is possible.

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