Twitch streamer banned for in-game nudity after visiting “nudist camp”


EagleAye has been reported en masse for in-game nudity as part of a “ stack ” of other players.

Streamer EagleAye, member of the Grand Theft Auto role-playing community, has been banned on Tic for nudity in the game.

Role-playing is a big problem in GTA, with players using specific modified servers to take on the roles of characters in fantastic storylines.

And while in-game nudity isn’t banned by Twitch, that’s if the game is modified to use resources that aren’t in the original game.

GTA RP is considered modified because it uses FiveM (a multiplayer mod framework) as its base, but only with original elements, so the nude lines in the game are blurred.

For EagleAye, she plays a character called Eve Summers who works at Rooster’s Ranch – a fictional cannabis farm on the popular NoPixel server.

Near the ranch is a nudist camp that Summers regularly visits as part of his job.

EagleAye has never had a problem before and has been playing that way for quite some time.

What has changed is that she appears to have been targeted en masse by fans of another streamer, xQc, according to fans on Reddit.

xQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, primarily playing Overwatch, and recently had some controversial views on female spa streamers.

EagleAye had their stream hosted by another GTA role player, Penta, of whom xQc is not a fan.

As such, xQc fans have reported on EagleAye en masse, resulting in an automatic ban, although Twitch says all bans are manually verified by staff.

Reddit fans also state that EagleAye briefly moved away from her keyboard, at which point the game automatically zoomed in on the nudists. This could be another reason for the ban on Twitch.

EagleAye’s chain remains suspended.

xQc joined the GTA The NoPixel RP server in February was at the center of several controversies and has now been permanently banned.

On a stream, he blamed the pressure of his followers and the need to perform as the reasons his RP streams derailed.

He then apologized on Twitter.

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