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For the first time in 174 years of history, Indian Railways is set to introduce massage services for passengers to make travel more comfortable.

Sharing the price list with Zee News, the railways have informed that foot or head massage services vary between Rs 100 and Rs 300. The services, however, will not be available during the night hours from 10pm to 6am.

No Type of massage Oil type Duration Price per head or foot massage
1 Gold Any non-sticky oil or olive oil 15-20 minutes Rs. 100
2 diamond Any essential oil | Cream | Wipes 15-20 minutes Rs 200
3 Platinum Any argan oil | Cream | Wipes 15-20 minutes Rs 300

The service will start in the next 15 to 20 days and will initially be offered on 39 trains from Indore in Madhya Pradesh. Find the full list of trains here:

The proposal was first raised by the Ratlam division of the Western Railway area. The railways hope to increase both revenues and passengers with this unique idea.

“This proposal is likely to generate additional revenue of Rs 20 lakh per year and an estimated increase of Rs 90 lakh per year through the additional sale of tickets of around 20,000 passengers who will be the service providers,” said Rajesh. Bajpai, Director, Media and Communication, Railway Council.

A Letter of Authorization (LOA) for the provision of head and foot massage facilities to passengers on 39 trains from Indore station under the NINFRIS (Non Fare Revenue Ideas Scheme) policy a was issued by the Ratlam division of the Western Railway area.

The contract to provide such a facility to passengers is unprecedented in Indian railways. Three to five representatives of the contractor will travel on each train, for which the railways will issue appropriate identification documents.

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