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Vodafone Fiji Ltd’s M-PAiSA QR payment gained momentum as U-Sabai Thai Traditional Massage and Spa became the first massage spa to integrate this platform.

According to Vodafone’s head of sponsorship Adriu Vakarau, they have worked hard to try to encourage companies to switch from cash to cash.

“Our QR payment is the perfect solution to make the transition and we are grateful that many companies have adopted QR payment.

“If you go to the supermarket right here in Flagstaff, they are using QR Pay at their counters and it is very important that we accept the change.”

He said this was the new normal as they would try to grow and encourage businesses to join us and use QR Pay.

Joeli Leqa, one of the board directors of U-Sabai Thai Traditional Massage and Spa, said that one of the main reasons they decided to go in this direction and find out about this payment because it was about building relationships with customers.

“We believe that we can go one step further and make it easier for the customer to pay, that would be one way to earn their loyalty,” said Mr. Leqa.

“What we found during the COVID lockdown, not only our spa but also our gift shop downstairs, a lot of people called and asked if we had a platform where they could pay online and we didn’t. we hadn’t at that time. ”

Vodafone said a total of 81 companies have registered with M-PAiSA at more than 520 outlets, with a daily average of two to three companies registering with M-PAISA.

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