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Vanessa Sztojka and Tiffany Sztojka, with this slogan in mind, established the VST Luxury SPA salon in Brooklyn, New York, and entered the world of beauty care.

Vanessa Sztojka, the older sister, is the one who started a beauty salon for the benefit of the Brooklyn community, after completing her studies in major European cities like Hungary, Moscow, Dubai, Frankfurt, Paris. After completing her studies in Europe, she continued her studies in New York.

Vanessa used her European experience to assess what could be taken over from Europe and integrated into the American beauty care industry

After accumulating a few years of experience in the beauty care industry, she had decided to open a beauty salon in Brooklyn that would be the first of its kind.

She emphasized the harmony of the beauty salon combined with the comfort of home. The very friendly beauty salon delights people who enter its premises.

The store is equipped with the latest technology in the beauty care industry and strives to satisfy all customer requests.

The enormous success of the beauty salon led to the expansion of the business. Vanessa, and her sister, Tiffany, decide to expand the family business, and cater to a larger clientele, from Brooklyn and New York as well.

The extended business now has over 5000 square feet where it can cater to all of the clientele’s luxury wimps in Face & Body Massage, Hair, Nails, among many other services.

Tiffany Sztojka has brought a new product almost unique to New York, Subzero Cryotherapy, to the beauty salon. But there are many other services that customers can benefit from. It was one of the founders’ intentions to bring together under one roof the many services that a beauty salon can offer so that customers do not have to change service providers and their needs can be fully met in a luxury environment.

Naturally, our guests find themselves in a totally different mood when they enter the lounge. A glamorous ambience and fragrance fills the entire environment, including our lunch and coffee bar, where our guests can spend some quality time while waiting their turn.

Everything is in harmony at the salon and our high quality luxury services put a new emphasis on the needs of our clientele.

We deliver what the customer needs. At the heart of our beauty care policy, there is always the customer and his needs. This is the main purpose of the founders with the show. To deliver exactly what New Yorkers want and desire.

Naturally, competition is high in New York, but the founders have addressed this issue as well. They know the competition and eclipse their competition in the beauty care industry by the cutting-edge technology they use, the impeccable customer service that the staff provide to their customers, and the luxury services that are in line with American expectations. and European. .

Our main goal is to make the customer feel satisfied and come back.

As beauty must be taken care of, we await our clients in the most luxurious setting in the bustling city of New York with the most exclusive services that can guarantee beauty at all ages.

Therefore, we expect every selective client of our luxury beauty salon to see for themselves what the Szatoja sisters have achieved so far and see for themselves the harmony, quality service, luxury surrounding and the various services offered by the salon!

Everything is in one place, the ambiance is assured, so that clients can take a break from the routine of daily life, feel valued and their beauty maintained with VST Luxury Salon in New York’s most notorious neighborhood, we waiting for everyone interested.

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