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Syracuse, NY – You cannot massage from home. You cannot cut the hair from a distance. You can’t Skype for a nail appointment.

The New York City center has heard about the importance of social distancing in reducing the spread of the coronavirus. Many answered the call to work from home if they could. Governor Andrew Cuomo has made it clear what is due to close on March 16: casinos, restaurants, bars and gyms, as well as large gatherings.

But the state hasn’t set clear guidelines for every industry, and some workers remain dependent on tips and income from in-person dates.

The beauty and wellness industry depends on person-to-person contact, and business owners are faced with a difficult decision: to fight an unpredictable mix of client and appointment cancellations, or to close. their source of income.

Garbo Salon & Spa on South Crouse Avenue in Syracuse was hit hard when Syracuse University switched to online courses. Most of Garbo’s business comes from students and medical professionals from nearby hospitals.

“We’re screwed,” Garbo owner Kristi Cappa said. “When SU ​​sent students online, I knew deep inside that everything was stopping. It’s just a matter of time.”

But the question is when. Currently, Garbo’s only takes appointments. Cappa says she doesn’t know what to do other than keep her living room as clean as possible.

“We’re not like other jobs with benefits; we are self-employed, ”Cappa said. “Everyone makes their own arrangements for childcare. We feed families and we cannot do these things without business.

Cosmopolitan salon and spa on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse closed from Wednesday March 18 until the end of the month. An employee at Hair habitat in Franklin Square in Syracuse, said the owner was “strongly considering” the closure, but wanted to make a decision after reading the news Tuesday night.

Lauri Fleischman, owner of Salon Frange in Fayetteville, said she would keep her business open for the time being. She said some elderly clients canceled appointments due to coronavirus, but otherwise business went as usual.

“People need to work and earn money,” Fleischman said. “We’ll stay open as long as we can. It’s a scary time right now, but for a lot of people it’s an escape.”

Fringe waived the late cancellation fee and offered early morning appointments for guests who don’t want to be in the same room as everyone else, as well as appointments in a private lower level.

“My stylists are all germaphobic anyway, but we’re being very careful right now,” Fleischman said. “All of my stylists wear gloves, use antibacterial wipes on surfaces and sanitize everything. We make sure clients wash their hands before they enter.

To continue to touch at the minimum, they stopped the make-up and the services with test units. Fleischman only puts half of his staff on the floor at a time, and customers are seated several chairs apart.

“We are also going without cash because cash can carry germs,” she said. “We ask customers to pay or tip using Paypal or Venmo on their phone. “

Ed Griffin-Nolan, owner of The Spa at 500, temporarily closed his business on March 14 due to the pandemic.

The spa industry has evolved more quickly into a blackout. Ed Griffin-Nolan, owner of The Spa at 500, temporarily closed his business on Saturday March 14 due to the pandemic.

“Unfortunately, I have concluded that there is no safe way to practice social distancing as part of a massage session,” Griffin-Nolan wrote in a statement. “I cannot morally allow our Spa, a place of healing and well-being, to be a vector of a disease that has the potential to overwhelm our health system. We must be particularly vigilant to protect the elderly and other vulnerable people. “

The staffs at SpaZend in Syracuse and Mirbeau Spa & Resort at Skaneateles also announced a temporary suspension of services on Tuesday, March 17.

The staff of CNY Healing Arts announced that all sites (Syracuse, Albany and Rochester) will close from Thursday, March 19 until the tentative date of April 6.


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