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BE SURE TO KNOW: As part of our worldwide promotional efforts, we offer all music from in-app purchase premium collections for free. You can save up to $ 8 and get several hours of meditation and relaxation music just by purchasing this app.

If you are looking for an app just to relax while lying on your bed or on the sofa, then Sleep is the app for you. There are over a hundred different sounds and music, ranging from white noise and peaceful music, to lullabies and binaural beats.

Sleep is one of the 10 best insomnia apps The editors of Healthline included our Sleep app in the final list of their favorite apps for insomniacs.

Using the Sleep app you can:
Reduce stress,
Sleep and feel better,
Prepare for meditation,
Use for spa or physiotherapy atmosphere and much more.

Here are the amazing features you will get with Sleep:
* Additional free downloads are available with in-app purchase.

* Full iPad support, you can enjoy our app on iPhone and iPad by paying only once.

* Interactive Pix – a set of beautiful images with a preset set of sounds already mixed and saved for you. If you want to change them, just create your own combination with the soundboard and save it for a pleasant and peaceful experience, both visually and audibly.

* The soundboard has 100 relaxing sounds that you can combine them with or enjoy on their own. Maybe you will choose the sounds of crashing waves with seagulls, the song of crickets or the sounds of an Irish flute, or maybe you will all play together. You can do it all and more.

* All selected sounds from the soundboard can be recorded and played back later. All you have to do is open the Soundboard and tap on any of the sounds you want to combine and save them.

* We have included 2 easy to use night timers that you can set to different time intervals to let you fall asleep peacefully to one of our breathtaking sounds.

* Wake-up timer allows you to wake up to the sound of nature or ambient music. Just set the time and your favorite soundtrack. Wakeup Timer allows you to select any sound delivered in the app or sounds from your iPod library. The wake-up timer has a snooze function.

* Fully customizable. Create your own combination from 100 possible sounds, save them and use them later.

* Each sound on the soundboard has its own volume control.

* Support for background audio. Play our relaxing sounds while you use other apps.

* Digital clock display with amazing pictures of nature. Use our Slideshow feature to view them one after the other.

* Both night timers have a fade out function.

* AirPlay support. Use AirPlay to stream our sounds wirelessly from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch to your HDTV and speakers with Apple TV or to your AirPlay speakers.

* Ability to play and combine your iPod music library with our sounds. Mix your favorite jazz melody with gentle rain sound or combine

* Improved visual aid system; we provide a screenshot for each step with which you may have a question.

* The app offers 30 additional beautiful nature images, which you can save to your photo library and use as wallpaper (iPhone only).

* As there are a large number of sounds, we have included the Favorites page where you can add your favorite sounds.

* Six lullaby songs are included for your little ones.

* A new “Playlist” feature has been added. Now you can add our Interactive Pix sounds to the playlist and play them one by one.

Simply sleep well and feel better.

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