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Vijayawada: City Task Force (CTF) police arrested six people on Thursday evening for providing cross massage services within the confines of Machavaram Police Station. Machavaram Police said they raided two beauty salons, Diamond Beauty Parlor and La Royyale Spa. And they were surprised to find women massaging men in saloons.
However, the police caught the men in the act while receiving massage services. Three women were arrested for allegedly running the business.
All the women involved in the salons were from the city of Vijayawada. A case of human trafficking was registered by the Machavaram police against the six accused. The investigation is still ongoing.
Sources said there was no monitoring of the activities of massage centers and spas where staff and management encouraged female employees to perform crossover massages to earn extra money from businessmen. and young people.
Sources added that some of the city’s spas employ girls from other northern and northeastern states and states for lower wages. Cops said they offer crossover massages on a referral basis and many of them charge between Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000 plus inducements if sexual favors are involved.
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