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Shankar Lalwani, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Indore, questioned Indian Railways’ proposal to provide massage services to passengers on trains and called it “without standard,” PTI reported .

The Ratlam division of the Western Railway area announced last week that massage facilities would be available on 39 trains departing from Indore.

Lalwani wrote to Union Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal on Monday, saying it would not be appropriate to provide massage services to passengers, especially when traveling women are present. “I am surprised that given the norms of Indian culture, will it be appropriate to provide massage services on moving trains, especially in the presence of women? Lalwani said in the letter to Goyal, according to PTI. “In my opinion, providing this type of service without a standard, instead of providing passengers with essential medical facilities and doctors during the train journey, is pointless. “

Lalwani told PTI on Thursday that members of local women’s organizations and social agencies approached him about the railroad initiative.

“People are of the opinion that the railroad should prioritize providing new medical facilities to passengers,” he said. “They are of the opinion that massage service can be provided on board trains to tourist spots, but railway authorities should rethink the provision of massage facilities to general passenger trains.”

Meanwhile, Ratlam Railroad division manager RN Sunkar clarified that passengers will get a head and foot massage, not a full body massage. “We will look at all aspects before starting the installation,” said Sunkar. “We will make sure that this does not cause any inconvenience and does not make the passengers uncomfortable.”

Sunkar said the railroads had signed an agreement with a private agency to offer the service. The initiative is expected to bring the railways an annual income of Rs 20 lakh and an estimated increase of Rs 90 lakh per year through the additional sale of tickets to 20,000 passengers who will be the service providers.

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