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SINGAPORE – Doctors licensed in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will no longer have to obtain a CaseTrust brand to run a massage establishment starting January 1 next year, which can help them save at least $ 2,400 every two years.

This is provided that the physicians are working at their primary place of practice registered with the TCM Practitioners Council, and if he or she is also the massage establishment licensee.

The change is part of an ongoing review to reduce compliance costs for businesses.

Speaking on the sidelines of a dialogue with industry on Thursday (October 18), Chief State Minister for Trade and Industry Chee Hong Tat said the move comes after comments from practitioners in the industry. MTC which operate massage establishments.

“There are a small number of TCM outlets that can use tuina massage as a front but are in fact providing illegal sexual services,” said Chee, who is also state minister for education.

“This (change) will help strike a better balance between the need to maintain standards and keep costs affordable for our businesses so that they can devote more resources to patient care and staff training. “, did he declare.

Authorities have taken into account how TCM physicians are already regulated by the TCM Practitioners Council, which oversees the professional ethics and conduct of such practitioners.

Currently, TCM practitioners who operate massage establishments or spas in premises such as boutique houses, malls, or Housing Board hotels – which are classified as Category I spas – require CaseTrust accreditation.

With the change, they would no longer need this accreditation from next year.

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