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December 19 – BRUCETON MILLS – At a time when many are leaving the state to find opportunities elsewhere, others have found their opportunity in West Virginia.

Specifically, Aaron Twigg, a registered massage therapist, who found his opportunity at the Bruceton Wellness Center about a year ago.

Twigg has an Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy and specializes in Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Stretching, Myofascial, Swedish, Medical, and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy.

When COVID-19 hit and Pennsylvania closed for a while, Twigg decided to move to Morgantown. He said it took a while to find a job because most massage opportunities are in spas, which is not his cup of tea.

“But once I saw this posted on Indeed, I jumped on it and been here for over a year,” Twigg said.

Twigg was in college to become a physiotherapy assistant before deciding to major in massage therapy.

“It’s actually a huge call for me because it helps me too,” Twigg said. “Because my mind is shutting down and I can focus on something.”

What makes a Twigg massage different from a massage at a spa is medical guidance, he said. A spa massage will often be a routine, as Twigg works with his patients to target their specific needs, whether it’s posture, headache relief, or something else.

Stephen Reed, 54, said his posture had always been something he needed to be aware of. He said Twigg had helped him tremendously after just two visits.

“I’m walking around now like I always should have,” Reed said. “And I said to him, ‘You did something for me that I couldn’t get anywhere else. “”

Twigg is a sole proprietor, which means he rents space at the Bruceton Wellness Center. However, he works with the other sole proprietor, Dr Emily Mallon, and the owner of the center, Dr Steven Lint, to provide good service to clients.

Mallon’s focus is functional well-being, which means she views the body as an entire functional unit through a comprehensive medical history and objective lab reports. This allows him to find the system that is most stressed and in need of support the most. She then recommends lifestyle changes, diet changes, and additional support to help improve overall function.

Mallon said the addition of Twigg to the center was awesome.

“He’s really receptive when we say ‘Hey, this area is really narrow. Can you loosen it before or after the adjustment? “Said Mallon.” And his techniques complement ours very well. “

Appointments with Twigg can be scheduled through his Facebook page, Aaron Twigg LMT, or by calling the Bruceton Wellness Center at 304-379-7000. A complete overview of the services offered at the center is available at TWEET @DominionPostWV

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