NJ officials ask you to take photos of any flooding this week


Make sure you keep your phone ready and charged. Officials are asking you to take photos of any flooding you may encounter this week.

NJ.com reports that the tides are expected to be ridiculously high this week, so towns along the shore and mainland are expected to brace for some really bad flooding. Why is the flooding expected to be so severe this week? It has to do with the moon. When the moon, sun and earth align, it creates very high tides. What happens when the tide is too high? Flood.

They ask you to take photos and submit them HERE as officials attempt to build a database in a bid to highlight which areas of New Jersey flood the most, and most often. When you submit the photos, the website will fill in the additional information needed to expand the database, such as the weather conditions at the time the photo was taken, the location and when the most recent high tide was. reported.

There is fun in this thing for you too. If you submit photos, you might get a profit in the form of some pretty cool prizes. On the one hand, you could get an emergency kit which, if the last year tells us anything, will definitely come in handy. It is never a bad idea to be prepared. You can also win prizes in the form of fun baseball hats and mugs, reveals NJ.com.

Southern Jersey is expected to receive a lot of rain over the next few days. Make sure you are on top of your photographer game. Everything you need to know about submitting your photos can be found HERE.

Source: NJ.com

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