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With the latest bombshell, the court document that claims Prince Andrew was aware of a billionaire friend’s abuse of massage therapists and the solicitation of underage girls for prostitution.

( – January 14, 2015) – Most of their claims have been settled out of court, preventing their accounts of her alleged crimes from being made public – but Virginia Roberts is proving more difficult to eliminate.

The mother-of-three says she spent four years in Epstein’s service after being hired to give him “erotic massages” when she was a vulnerable 15-year-old girl.

The story he tells begins in 1998, when Virginia Roberts was a troubled 15-year-old teenager. Raised in a broken home, she was first introduced to Epstein – then 45 – by Ghislaine Maxwell, after meeting her at a spa in Florida where Roberts was.

After telling her that she was interested in studying massage therapy, Roberts alleges that she was “enticed by Ghislaine to come to Jeffrey’s mansion in Palm Beach that afternoon to earn some extra money and get herself. inquire about massage “.

It is claimed that for over half an hour, Ms Maxwell, who was then 36, and Epstein asked her to give her what was “actually a real massage”.

But then, she says, the mood changed. “He turned to the other side, to expose himself fully,” she recalls.

“Then Ghislaine told me that she wanted me to undress and started to take off my shirt and my skirt…

‘Jeffrey told me to wash it and wash itn with a bar of soap. Once the meeting was over, he told me that I had done well and that I had a lot of potential to become a massage therapist ‘

Virginie roberts

The Naked Maxwell then asked 15-year-old Roberts to perform a series of sexual acts on Epstein, the account reads. “Fearing” to “upset or disappoint” the powerful duo, the teenager agreed. Then, “Jeffrey told me to wash it from top to bottom with a bar of soap,” she says. “They were very happy with me.

“After the end of the meeting, the sexual encounter, [Epstein] told me that I had done well and that I have a lot of potential to be a massage therapist, and if I wish I could come back tomorrow, you know, do the same and get paid $ 200 an hour. , which Roberts said lasted four years. Epstein gave her an apartment in Palm Beach and began paying her to fly from town to town with him as a “traveling masseuse.” He would ask her for erotic massages almost daily, always paying her immediately afterwards. Source

Darwin’s local massage therapist Louanne of is fully aware of the demand, as people talk about the “services” they have received at Darwin and are constantly asked for “extras.”

Darwin is full of massage parlors and some degrade the profession because they lack proper vocational training and most of the workers have only had a few hours of instruction. On television, on the Internet and in newspapers, “massage” has become a password for impersonal and commercial sex. There is a shortage of women in Darwin and there is a subsequent high demand for sex workers sometimes served by prostitutes who arrive by air. Many men are now turning to illegal massage parlors for the additional services provided.

Louanne has been a massage therapist for 20 years and has heard it all.

“These ‘extra’ services offered in massage parlors are usually completed by relatively unskilled, non-English speaking workers or young girls, just like Virginia Roberts who has very little training in human anatomy. These services are a weapon to be won. double edged sword for my business because they think I would offer that too. You get an “extra service” but get an absolute crappy massage or you can get a great massage without any other extra services.

“My website specifically says, ‘No adult services are offered,’ but I get asked all the time. In fact, I’m sorry for the legal prostitution industry because I think they get ripped off by these salons. The other problem is that Asia is on our doorstep, they can get those services there and it breeds the same culture here. “

“When men ask me on the phone, what do you look like? Or what additional services do I offer? I know I am the wrong therapist for them. I am a professional remedial therapist. of life, from celebrities to traditions, from professional athletes to housewives. I treat all people with the utmost respect and professionalism. My techniques result in a treatment that is not just a massage, it is a journey! Flash info for all: IT IS NOT CORRECT TO BE SEXUAL DURING A LEGITIMATE MASSAGE SESSION! I don’t care who it is! Even though it’s an Royal! “, says Louanne.

“I have been a certified massage therapist for over 20 years and would never accept the behavior you engage in. No matter what you’ve been through or how many ‘therapists’ you’ve known you obviously see sex workers. , not massage therapists. Sexual activity is never permitted during a legitimate massage session by a licensed or certified professional. Anyone who has studied for a remedial massage therapist degree knows that they are at risk of losing their credentials for sexual behavior in the massage room because it is a huge violation of ethics. Would a doctor tolerate you jerking off on a routine visit? Be real!“. Said Louanne
To sum up, don’t confuse massage therapy with prostitution – healthy, compassionate touching doesn’t equal sex, and the confused belief that it does leads to a lot of misguided behavior.

Massage works by soothing soft tissue and encouraging relaxation. Modern studies show that massage can successfully treat a range of conditions, including back pain, anxiety, and high blood pressure. The different types of massage include aromatherapy massage, Bowen technique, remedial massage, and Swedish / relaxation massage.

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