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The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced them both to three months in prison.

Hamza M Sengendo, Journalist

DUBAI: An insolvent tourist caught handing out massage cards in a luxury residential area for a living was jailed Thursday with a compatriot for bribing police officers.

The 32-year-old Asian accused handed over 2,000 Dhs to two police corporals who had been dispatched to arrest him. He told them to share it and let go. Records showed that it was his compatriot, 48, who arranged the sum.

The Dubai Criminal Court sentenced them both to three months in prison and each fined Dhs 5,000 in addition to paying an amount equivalent to the bribe.

On record, several residents of Discovery Gardens complained to police that someone was affixing maps to their cars on a daily basis. A guard cornered him in the parking lot of a building at around 11 p.m. on December 29, 2018.

Police sent the Saudi corporal, 47, and his colleague to apprehend him. As he got him into the patrol vehicle, he begged them not to take him and offered to pay them. He contacted the woman to bring him the bribe.

Before prosecutors, the accused revealed that he arrived on December 13 for tourism but was short of money. A Chinese spa owner instructed him to distribute 1,000 cards per day for a daily salary of 100 Dhs. He agreed to work.

He worked and earned 2,000 Dhs. He was busy in Discovery Gardens attaching maps to car windows when the warden caught him. The cops took him inside the patrol vehicle. He contacted the woman to bring her the money.

The woman told prosecutors that the accused sent the location to her through the WeChat app. She rushed in and handed him the money.

He passed it on to the cops. The cops arrested them and took them both to Jebel Ali Police Station.

The corporal said, “He had a bag full of maps. He asked us to accept cash. He typed ‘Dhs1,000’ on his cell phone. We refused. He typed ‘Dhs2,000.’ He made a call. The woman gave him the money. He paid 1,000 Dhs to each.

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