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Note: The video above and details below may upset some viewers.

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Now we see just how heinous a fatal shooting was at an Albuquerque massage business earlier this year. Police say two men killed the store owner as they attempted to rob the place.

Prosecutors used CCTV to try to keep one of the two suspects locked up until trial. They say Jorge Rivera-Ramirez is too dangerous to get out of jail, he’s accused of robbing and killing Sihui Fang, the owner of Wonderful Massage.

According to court documents, Rivera-Ramirez and a partner, Juan Carlos Hernandez, drove into the massage business in January to rob it. When Fang pulled out a gun and returned fire, shots were fired and Fang was killed.

“As you can see, your honor, she was trying to get out the front door, she was trying to leave. She didn’t care what happened to that massage parlor, what they took, she just wanted her life and the defendant and co-defendant didn’t care,’ prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say Rivera-Ramirez was one of those suspects. On Monday, they asked a judge to keep him in jail before his trial. They argued that not only was he too dangerous to be released, but he was in the middle of another criminal case when it happened.

“He was pending this charge as well as pending release conditions when this matter took place,” prosecutors said.

They believe Rivera-Ramirez and her partner, Hernandez, were behind a string of robberies at other massage businesses.

Rivera-Ramirez’s attorney has called for his release.

“My client doesn’t have a lot of criminal history. I know he is very, very young,” the defense said.

Ultimately, a judge sided with prosecutors, keeping Rivera-Ramirez in jail ahead of trial.

“Given the evidence that has been presented, this gives the court great concern about the defendant’s capacity for violence,” the judge said.

His alleged partner in all of this, Hernandez, was also sentenced to remain in jail ahead of trial. Both face a long list of charges, including murder.

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