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Hernandez, along with Jorge Rivera-Ramirez, are charged with the murder of Sihui Fang. Prosecutors say it started as a violent robbery at Wonderful Massage on Menaul Boulevard.

“When the victim tried to flee through the front door, they brought her back to this business, by her hair,” said prosecutor Shonetta Estrada.

According to the police, Fang tried to defend himself.

“She is shot all over her body and dies from her injuries,” Estrada said.

Rivera-Ramirez was reportedly injured in the ensuing shooting and called 911. Hernandez had fled the business before officers arrived. Prosecutors argued that no one was safe.

“It could be anyone, there’s no rhyme or reason, it’s not someone they have a history with, it’s not something GPS can fix,” said said Estrada.

The defense argued that Hernandez had no criminal history.

“He has nothing, he has a ticket, he has nothing else, he is very young,” the defense said.

His attorney also tried to cast doubt on the case, saying statements by co-defendant Rivera-Ramirez were untrustworthy.

“The co-defendant tries to throw my client under the bus first, then has to come back to his story – so he’s not credible.”

And pointing out that last week there was another robbery and murder at a massage business.

“That couldn’t be my client because my client had been at MDC this whole time.”

A potential suspect in this case has been caught on camera and police are trying to determine who he is.

Ultimately, Judge Stan Whitaker sided with prosecutors and ordered Hernandez to be held in jail.

Hernandez is expected to appear before a grand jury on Friday.

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