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Massage-Escape, an experienced and customer-focused massage service provider, offers prenatal massage services to expectant mothers.

Massage is an effective kneading technique that offers people relief from stress and pain. Her procedures help athletes, workers, couples, and individuals reduce all tension in their muscles, bringing them back to full fitness. Massage-Escape is a massage service platform dedicated to providing professional and highly effective massage services. In Columbus, Ohio, they offer several massage services and use techniques that deliver satisfying results. Their massage services include Swedish Massage, Shiatsu Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Prenatal Massage, Reflexology Therapy, Acupressure Massage, Sports Massage, Back Massage, foot massage service and foot reflexology massage.

Responding to her passion and motivation for massage services, Mindy Chen, Owner and Founder of Massage-Escape, said, “My mom has a huge role to play in my passion for hard work and skill-based work. deals. The idea for Massage-Escape started when a major massage center in Los Angeles hired me. Believe me, I didn’t know much about massage techniques back then. I was only allowed to do foot massages during my first year working for the massage center, and every day I did more than 6 foot massages. Although I gave free massages to the most experienced massage therapists whenever I wasn’t dealing with any clients, and in exchange they taught me other massage techniques. With all of this, I can boldly say that I have over 10,000 hours of professional massage experience!

Providing clients with massage services that are convenient and on their schedule is an important goal at Massage-Escape. Their prices are also very affordable and customers can be sure of receiving excellent customer service when they enter the massage center. All their techniques are suitable for all categories of people, whether as a couple or with friends. For example, their deep tissue massage technique involves the therapist applying firm, steady pressure and kneading out any folds or knots. This is done to reach deeper layers where there are connective tissues that surround the muscles. With this technique, people can be sure of relief from tension and stress. Also, people who need couples massage can visit Massage-Escape for their services.

The spokesperson added: “Our massage services are tailor-made to provide clients with relief from every angle. The Shiatsu massage technique, for example, involves applying deep pressure through the fist, knee, feet and elbow. The word ‘Shiatsu’ itself means finger pressure, and you can be sure to have your whole body relaxed and calm at the end of the massage session. We also understand that moms-to-be experience some inconvenience during pregnancy; that’s why we offer prenatal massage services. Through the massage solutions we administer, we ensure that clients get relief from stiff shoulders, headaches, backaches, cramps and swelling in the legs.

At Massage-Escape, they offer prenatal massage services that provide relief from joint stress and fatigue. Thus, people who are also looking for massage nearby can book the services of Massage-Escape.

About Massage-Escape:

Massage-Escape is a trusted massage center providing quality massage services to athletes, work professionals and others. For prenatal massage near mefuture mothers can contact Massage-Escape.

Contact information:

massage escape

5949 Main Street East,

Columbus, Ohio 43213, USA

Phone: 614-868-3336


Media Contact
Company Name: Massage-Escape Columbus
Contact person: Xiuyu Chen
E-mail: Send an email
Call: 614-868-3336
Address:5949 Main Street East
City: Columbus
State: Ohio 43213
Country: United States

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