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A Sheffield Lake salon could move to Lorain if city officials approve a necessary zoning change.

On November 3, the Lorain Planning Commission voted 4-0 for a zoning change for 1247 W. Erie Ave.

JAG Networking LLC owner Mona Hirst hopes to move it Mona Lisa Eco Spa’lon, 4118 Lake Road, to the town of Lorain.

Hirst said she wanted to bring all of her things to Lorain and that she loves supporting the city.

Lorain needs health and wellness and Mona Lisa Eco Spa’lon can be part of that, she said.

The company would be a beneficial and “absolutely wonderful” addition to Lorain’s business community, said General Counsel Mary Springowski, adding that she was familiar with Hirst’s spa.

On November 3, 2021, the Lorain Planning Commission approved a zoning change that would allow Mona Lisa Eco Spa’lon to relocate from Lake Sheffield to 1247 W. Erie Ave., Lorain. (Richard Payerchin – The Morning Journal)

The rezoning would be from residential R-3 to commercial B-2.

Business B-2 of this house is not contiguous with other commercial plots, but is a corner lot, so it could be seen as a logical extension of the zoning boundary to improve the use model in the general area, said the planning and zoning administrator. Drew Crawford.

Members of the Planning Commission, Director of the Security Service, Sanford Washington, Henry Patterson, Ken Kramer and Michael Nardini voted for the zoning change. Mayor Jack Bradley abstained from voting because Hirst is a friend of his daughter.

Lorain municipal council must consider the zoning change in the coming weeks.

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