“I don’t want to spend a week in the hospital”


UFC fighter-turned-commentator Paul Felder admits he retired a bit too early, as he could have fought ranked lightweight like Tony Ferguson had he chosen to stay active.

However, Paul Felder recently revealed that none of the clashes in the talented 155-pound weight class have piqued his interests:

“There are a lot of guys below me who are amazing. Islam Makhachev, Diego Ferreira, Gregor Gillespie. They can probably beat me, I can probably beat them. [but] I’m not excited about it. Tony Ferguson, three consecutive losses. Not excited about it. I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to do a week in the hospital. Break my orbital, break my face. Perforation of a lung. More scars than I could even count. I don’t want that anymore. “

“The Irish Dragon” also revealed that the only thing that kept him going was the opportunity to become champion. But when Paul Felder realized the title was not within his grasp, he decided to call it career.

The 37-year-old also cited some recent MMA tragedies as the reason he decided to quit the sport when he did:

“I think this is the first time that I finally really think … after these two consecutive defeats [and] watching guys like Jacare break her arm. Watching Cowboy fight five more fights when I think they should. I won’t be that guy. I have said from the very beginning of (my time in) the sport fighting past its expiration date. And I think it’s here. And I think it’s a little early, but I’d rather be a little earlier than late. “

Watch her interview during the post-event press conference below:

Paul Felder announced at UFC Vegas 27

Paul Felder announced his retirement in the middle of the UFC Vegas 27 broadcast. The 37-year-old veteran revealed he was ending his pro-MMA career after spending seven years with the UFC:

“I love the UFC with all my heart for everything they have given me. For every opportunity I had to sit here at this desk. To work on television. Something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m ‘I’m going to keep doing this. And I’m officially retiring from the sport of mixed martial arts and the UFC. “

Currently ranked number nine in the UFC’s 155-pound weight division, Paul Felder ends his career with a 17-6 record. He last fought Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night 182, losing in a close split decision after five rounds.

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