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“I have been notified that one person has been found deceased,” Albuquerque Police Department Chief Harold Medina said.

The department said the investigation was still in its early stages. Several viewers sent in KOB 4 surveillance video from inside the company. It appears to show a potential suspect, gathering items inside what appears to be an office.

APD is aware of the video. Officials said they noticed a dangerous trend. Tuesday night’s homicide follows the fatal shooting of Sihui Fang at Wonderful Massage in January.

“It shouldn’t be the same offenders because we have these other people in custody, but it’s obvious – there’s a possibility that people are going after a certain group,” Chief Medina said.

“It’s certainly been in the last few months that it’s taken on a new tone, and obviously it’s become a lot more problematic for people who work in these kinds of very dangerous businesses,” said Rod Honstein, the Fang’s partner for four years.

Honstein said he was concerned for Fang’s safety before his death, due to an increase in thefts from massage businesses and an attempted rape at Fang’s business about a year ago.

“We took steps to prepare, just in case something happened,” Honstein said. “We had a gun in the store.”

Fang used this weapon to wound one of his attackers before dying. ODA officials said there are likely to be far more attacks at massage businesses than reported, mainly because victims are afraid of getting into trouble.

“I think it’s important that we recognize that it doesn’t matter to us what their immigration status is or if they had a business license,” Medina said. “What matters to us is that they report the crime and we are able to bring people to justice.”

By KOB 4’s tally, this is the 13th homicide investigation for Albuquerque police this year.

Police have released photos of the suspect and the suspect’s truck. Click here to see.

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