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Daylily Spa Salon presented on Thursday May 4 in Saint-Cloud.

Since the day Katie Schmitz and Steph Lewis took over ownership of Daylily Spa Salon in 2009, the two stylists have been committed to making their business a destination spa and salon for the people of central Minnesota.

To accomplish this, in addition to providing their “Daymaker” pampering experience, the two business owners are committed to developing and expanding the St. Cloud Lounge, 3959 Second St. S, Suite 302.

And on Monday, Schmitz and Lewis embark on a new commercial adventure with the acquisition of the Michelle Kenric salon from Sartell.

“We have been discussing options to expand our current location or find a second location for a few years,” Schmitz said.

Last fall, a mutual friend introduced them to Wendy Zimny, owner of Michelle Kenric Salon. Schmitz said Zimny ​​had mentioned that she was considering retiring.

“Our companies are very similar,” Schmitz said. “We never really considered buying another lounge, but when the opportunity arose, we took it.”

In a statement, Zimny ​​thanked her customers and employees for their continued support of Michelle Kenric Salon over the past eight years.

“I think Steph and Katie will bring a new perspective and take our success to the next level,” Zimny ​​said.

Michelle Kenric Salon, 1733 Pinecone Road S, employs 23 people including a dozen stylists and a handful of massage therapists. All staff will join the Daylily team, bringing the company to around 50 employees.

Katie Schmitz and Steph Lewis, owners of Daylily Spa Salon, announce their expansion Thursday, May 4, with the purchase of Michelle Kenric Salon from Sartell.

“With an expanded team, we plan to further enhance our professional development opportunities to equip our salon and spa specialists with the tools to stay contemporary and continue to deliver our Daymaker experience,” said Lewis.

Schmitz said the Sartell location will eventually be renamed to reflect the new owner. And Michelle Kenric Salon customers can look forward to a few new services as well.

Schmitz stated that because Sartell’s location is a bit smaller than St. Cloud’s location (3,600 square feet in Sartell vs. 4,300 square feet in St. Cloud), some Daylily services like the bathhouse aromatherapy and spray tanning will only be available in the Saint-Cloud Location.

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