Cumberland NJ County Fair will not be held this year


Just when we all thought all event cancellations were over. I spoke too soon, it seems.

Sadly for the people of Cumberland County, the beloved annual Cumberland County Fair has been canceled for the second year in a row due to complications from the coronavirus pandemic. “But, Jahna,” you ask, “I thought we missed this? Well, according to a recent article in the Vineland Daily Journal, it looks like the team just doesn’t have enough time to put it all together.

Too bad, I know.

Basically, it looks like there are too many pieces that would need to come together to make the fair a success in the coming months. Unfortunately, with the budget and time remaining until the fair has usually been staged, there is nothing that can be done to make this happen successfully at this point. The Journal said one of the directors of Cumberland County commissioners confirmed that there will indeed be a fair during the warmer months of 2022.

While that’s not exactly the kind of news residents wanted to hear this year, at least the festival isn’t postponed indefinitely. It would be a real tragedy if the powers that be had no intention of bringing the fair back at all. The people of Cumberland County LOVE the fair. I say this from experience since I grew up going to 4-H Fairs in Gloucester and Cumberland County every year. In fact, I even went all the way to 2019 inclusive.

This is not a goodbye to the annual Cumberland Fair, it is just a “see you soon”.


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