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If you appreciate the therapeutic benefits of massages and find yourself looking for a session every once in a while, you may be wondering what pays off the most – drop in every once in a while at your favorite massage spot, or just go overboard. the step and buy a massage machine for personal use.

Well that’s what we’re here to find out, so let’s get started right away.

How do massage machines compare to in-store massage services, from a cost perspective?

To facilitate our discussion, we have put together some data for a rough comparison between massage machines and massage services.

We compare how massage machines compare, in terms of cost, to massage services. In order to have a reasonable frame of reference, we made the following assumptions:

  1. Total cost of massage services over one year, assuming one session per month
  2. The cost of massage services ranges from mass market franchises to high end spas
  3. The cost of the massage machine ranges from lesser-known budget labels to high-end premium brands.

As you can well imagine, the comparison is by no means statistically accurate.

Depending on your unique situation, needs, taste and budget, your results and conclusions may be different.

Price of a massage device Cost of massage services (1 year, assuming 1 session per month)
Neck and shoulders S $ 50 to S $ 200 Per session: $ 25 to $ 90 (20 to 30 minutes) Annually: $ 300 to $ 1,080
Calves and feet S $ 250 to S $ 700 Per session: $ 35 to $ 50 (60 min) Yearly: $ 420 to $ 600
The whole body S $ 650 to S $ 8,000 Per session: $ 80 to $ 230 (90 minutes) Annually: $ 960 to $ 2,760

Neck and shoulders

Massagers: $ 50 to $ 200

Massage services, one year: $ 300 to $ 1,080

Neck and shoulder massages are commonly touted as a quick and easy way to relax tight muscles and relieve stress.


They typically sell for around $ 30 for a 20-minute session, but this affordability can be misleading. If you go for a neck and shoulder massage once a month, you can easily spend $ 300 or more in a year.

On the other hand, for between $ 50 and $ 200, you can get a neck and shoulder massager instead.

These are usually in the form of pillows that you lie on or come with straps for you to hold over and against your neck and shoulders.

Below the surface of the tissue, mechanical rollers move in a preprogrammed fashion to provide the massaging action.

Therefore, if you are often looking for relief for your neck and shoulders, you should at least visit your nearest Osim outlet – you could potentially save huge amounts of money that way.

Calves and feet


Massagers: $ 250 to $ 700

Massage services, one year: $ 420 to $ 600

For calf and foot massages, neither massagers nor massage services have an advantage over each other, at least in terms of cost.

While you can find a lower leg massager for as little as $ 250, giving yourself a foot reflexology session once a month won’t be much more expensive in comparison.

And if your masseur or masseuse has magical hands that no machine can beat, then spending a few hundred dollars more over the course of a year probably won’t matter.

The whole body


Massagers: $ 650 to $ 8,000

Massage services, one year: $ 960 to $ 2,760

Full body massage machines, or massage chairs, are available in a wide range of styles and configurations, offering a variety of finishes, features and functions, from light and sound therapy to massage rollers. head to toe and more.


Really, the sky is the limit when it comes to these devices, and that goes for their prices, too.

You can get a massage chair for several hundred dollars or even several thousand.

On the other hand, even if you splurge on 12 monthly visits to an upscale 90-minute full-body pampering spa, you’ll be hard pressed to spend more than $ 3,000 in total.

Think about it.

And if you want the bells and whistles, you can always add supplements to enjoy your massage – and most likely still top the list, financially speaking.

Then again, if you really enjoy settling into your own state-of-the-art massage chair with all the latest features after a long day’s work, and you can afford to pay for it, go ahead and spoil yourself.

Should you get a massage chair or visit a massage service?

Chair or massage machine Massage services
Massage on demand, unlimited use Limited time per session
Massage in the comfort of your own home have to commute
May not properly target problem areas Can work with a therapist to address specific health issues
Profitability depends on frequency of use In for money

Ultimately, whether to buy a massage machine or go for a massage depends on your personal preferences, but there are some considerations that you should take into account.

The obvious benefit of having a chair or a massage machine is the freedom and convenience. You can have a massage whenever you want and for as long as you want.

Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your own home.


However, massagers may not be able to give you the relief you are looking for, especially if you need a heavy massage or need to work on an area that your device cannot reach properly.

Plus, if you don’t use your chair or massage machine often enough, you just don’t get your money’s worth (especially if you go for the expensive models).

No matter how fancy your massage chair is, you will tire of it eventually. At some point, your massage chair will turn into an eyesore that will invade your living room.

On the other hand, spending money on a massage from a professional therapist is your only way to get the exact treatment you want, and even have the opportunity to address your health concerns.

Obviously, you will have to make the effort to schedule a time to visit the massage place. (Or, you could pay extra for a visit.)

However, you only have to pay for the sessions you attend, and you won’t have to make large financial commitments if you don’t want to.

What massage machines can you get for home massages?

Massage device Target areas Cost
Maxkare neck and back massager Neck, shoulders and waist $ 41.99 at Amazon
Shiatsu Cloud Massage Foot Massager Calves and feet $ 299.99 at Amazon
Osim uSqueeze 2 Feet, calves and thighs $ 649 on
Osim uDream The whole body, from head to toe $ 7,999 on

Maxkare neck and back massager – $ 41.99


This small pillow-shaped device is designed for use on the neck, shoulders, back and waist.

It comes with an elastic strap so you can attach it to your home or office chair, or your car seat if you want a massage on the go. You can also place it under your body and lie down on it.

The massager comes with four massage knobs capable of clockwise and counterclockwise rotations, and has different settings for you to adjust your comfort level. It also has a heating function to further soothe aches and pains, and has an automatic shut-off function after 15 minutes of continuous use.

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Shiatsu Cloud Massage Foot Massager – $ 299.99


Designed to soothe tired feet and sore calves, the Cloud Massage Shiatsu Foot Massager uses a smart, space-saving design to relieve your feet or calves (but not both at the same time).

The compact machine is pre-programmed with five different functions: Rolling Massage, Compression Therapy, Joint Release Swings, Heat Therapy, and a Quiet Mode for Relaxation.

It also offers three intensity levels so you can further customize your massage session.

Osim uSqueeze 2 – $ 649


Most foot and calf massagers look like a sad cross between old Santa Claus boots and early Iron Man releases.

But not the Osim uSqueeze 2.

This device with seductive shades and elegant design stands out not only for its beauty, but also for its rare ability to work on your feet, calves and up to your upper thighs.

This is made possible by a pair of rotating extensions that fold upward to knead your thighs while you are seated, so you can enjoy a full lower body massage.

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Osim uDream – $ 7,999


The uDream is about as forgiving as a massage chair can be (although we wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t even the most extravagant model), so much so that manufacturer Osim calls it “wellness chair”.


This pinnacle of massage engineering is capable of providing anyone with a full body massage from head to toe.

But more than just mechanical kneading, the uDream offers an all-round experience that completely immerses your five senses in the ultimate self-administered relaxation.

As if that weren’t enough, the machine also incorporates smart sensors to measure your body’s stress and tension levels, monitoring your readings so you can better manage your health.

It looks exactly like the massage chair you will need after you run out of credit card by paying for it.

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