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By Faith Callens, For the Tribune

CENTER POINT — The owner of a Birmingham-based massage spa stood outside the Center Point Council, searching for answers as to why massage businesses couldn’t operate in the city.

Center Point City Council listened to comments on the amendment to the ban on massage spa activities. (Photo by Faith Callens)

Lemar Storey and his wife, Tiffany Storey, are the owners of ‘Life Touch Massage’ in Birmingham city center. The Storeys said every other town they know has licensed massage therapists and a massage practice, with the exception of Center Point.

“Today we are here to petition the council and make a request,” said Lemar Storey. “We actually considered buying a property in the Center Point area a few months ago and then we found out that massage therapists weren’t able to operate in the town of Center Point, and that’s at that time I contacted the mayor for clarification. of why it is.

Storey said he received the information through a colleague who had previously attempted to open a massage business in the city.

Storey and his wife also told the council that they understand the dangerous risks that could arise from opening a massage spa in Center Point, such as human trafficking and prostitution based on the story of the city in the past. But, the Storeys wanted the board to see more positive effects massage spas could have in the near future.

“We have food deserts in black neighborhoods, we all know that, but we also have a health and wellness desert in our neighborhoods, something that isn’t announced to us, and we don’t know the benefits of it. ‘Go into a consultation or mental health therapy or massage therapy, so we set ourselves the goal of educating people who are like us, ”Storey said.

When the Storeys found they couldn’t buy a property in Center Point, they chose to buy property in East Lake to open a wellness center that would provide counseling and massage services.

Storey said they would like to reach common ground with the council to allow licensed massage therapists to practice in the city and work with the council to ensure that protocols are in place for the safety of citizens if spas are allowed.

Storey has been a massage therapist for over 17 years and his wife has been a licensed professional counselor for nine years.

President DM Collins said she would like to continue the conversation about the possibility of having massage spas at Center Point.

“I think this is a great opportunity to diversify our business here in the city and increase income,” Collins said. “I know the history of what the city has been through in the past and I understand why the previous administration put it in place, but I would like to have a conversation because we are in the present and we need to these services. in our communities.

The board has planned to meet with the Storeys at their next business meeting to discuss the possibility of future massage spas.

Other business

The council approved a $ 17,500 quote from a company called P&M Manufacturing to perform repairs in the courthouse grounds if the repairs are approved by Jefferson County.

Council approved resolution 2022-01 for the allocation of funds for Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

  • Councilor Sharon Jones wanted to honor town officers with coffee and donuts on Monday January 10 because Officers Appreciation Day is Sunday January 9. Council plans to extend funding to other municipalities with this resolution.

Council had a 4-1 vote on resolution 2022-02 for a travel advance of $ 350.58 for the Public Security Department.

  • Councilor Glenn Williams did not approve the Public Safety Department’s travel advance because he felt the public safety meeting the council was paying for did not benefit the town of Center Point.

Center Point City Council meets every first and third Thursday of each month; the preparatory meeting starts at 6.15 p.m. and the regular meeting follows at 6.30 p.m.

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