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ALBUQUERQUE, NM — Fingerprint evidence links Raphael Marquez, 31, to the murder at the Canna Spa Massage earlier this year, Albuquerque police said Tuesday.

Marquez, 31, was shot by officers near Belen in late February following a chase along I-25. Officers shot Marquez after his vehicle overturned – just days after he was charged with a series of major crimes in Albuquerque. He allegedly broke into three houses, stole four different vehicles, kidnapped three people and shot several bystanders.

Police say they were told Marquez admitted to killing the spa worker. Officers then found the black pickup shown in surveillance video with the suspect leaving the scene of the murder. Fingerprints found at the spa, along with fingerprints from the truck, came back as a match with Marquez.

“All of these factors led investigators to conclude that Marquez was responsible for the cold-blooded spa murder,” ODA Chief Harold Medina said. “We remained hopeful that we could come to this conclusion, based on solid evidence, so that we could help allay fears within the Asian-American community. We still have work to do to end to these brazen thefts, but those responsible for the two recent massage business murders are no longer on the streets of Albuquerque.”

Albuquerque police also said they have evidence that links Marquez to a Christmas Eve homicide.


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